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Date:2008-07-19 18:27
Subject:rmvx, rm2k3, tutorials, rmxp, reviews, resources, reviews

Hello, everybody! It's time for another update. Today, we will be covering new tutorials and resources for both RPG Maker VX AKA "RMVX" and RPG Maker XP AKA "RMXP".

First up are new tutorials.

Save Point tutorial
Maker: RPG Maker 2003
By: MirageMan725

Time Gear Tutorial
By: MirageMan725
Maker: RPG Maker 2003
This tutorial will show you how to keep track of how long a player has been playing a game.

Event Vision
By: Madriel222
Maker: RPG Maker 2003
A tutorial outlining how to create partial radial vision in RPG Maker games.

Making Quests
By: Omegas7
Maker: RPG Maker XP
Learn easily and quickly how to make quests for your game in Rpg Maker XP.

Easy Fishing/Mining/Woodcutting Events
By: Omegas7
Maker: RPG Maker VX
Learn easily how to make a fishing, mining, and woodcutting events! This gives your game more interaction!

Making Overworlds Exciting
By: Darth_Leper
Maker: RPG Maker VX/RPG Maker XP
A few pointers on how to prevent boring, repetitive overworld maps.

Now, onto Resources.

From_Ariel has uploaded recently uploaded a nice batch of battle animations. Click here to check out the gallery.

If you are a budding spriter and need some templates to help get started, RRR has you covered!

RPG RPG Revolution also has original character sets in both monster and human form.


Date:2007-02-19 12:36
Subject:"MyCar" - A 'real' car physic simulation!
Mood: calm

Hello readers!! 
I'm new to the blog community! Today I will post my car physic application in internet FOR THE FIRST TIME!! :D
It's name is "MyCar" and its a "real" car simulator I've created in C#. Well, is not so completely real because is a 2d graphic app based on a picturebox (lool). And its only a BETA version (0.3)!
The keyboard is used as controller. The keys to use are:

  • Q - Zoom In
  • W - Zoom Out
  • F - Activate/Deactivate slip of front wheels
  • R - Activate/Deactivate slip of rear wheels
  • Space - Activate/Deactivate rear & front whells slip
  • Arrow keys - Control the car
  • Canc - Activate/Deactivate trace of graphic
  • Left CTRL - Brake
  • I - Reset car position

A typical screenshot (compressed in GIF format in MsPaint!):

I hope you like it... :D

The download! The download!

If you like it, please leave a comment!!


Date:2004-06-24 00:46
Subject:Hello Everyone

Hey everyone, I'm new. I'm and artist and designer. I’ve been working in the game field for a few years now. Not too many professional things aside from a potential underworld game that never was. I'd say about 90% of the games I've worked on had fallen apart. Like so many games do. I normally work as a concept artist and sometimes get to work on mechanics and stuff. About a month ago the team I was working with fell apart. As did so many before, the coders flaked out. I've come to the conclusion programming must be one of the most difficult things in the world to do. Because so many games die from coder's loosing interest or giving up. I used to code a bit before I took up the pencil, that was like, 8 years ago. A very long time ago. I’ve forgotten it all, and glad I did.

The game we were working on was meant to be a simple 2d game, multiplayer, and we had a fairly good base. It worked for the most part, I’ve no idea why the team fell apart. I thought this time we might make it. I grabbed a few screenshots before the game went down. The art and stuff had a long way to go, but it was coming together all right I thought. The biggest problem I seem to have, is finding a common goal in amateur game creation. I mean that most coders want to make a game, and they want everyone else to just help them. They have no care for the other’s ideas or plans. Sadly, a coder can make a game without an artist or musician, but the opposite does not apply.

Does anyone have any opinions on this. Does this seem to be the case for the rest of you, or am I just finding all the bad teams?

On the game note, it was meant to be similar to the older games, old rpgies. Only multiplayer. The characters were going to be basically naked, until they found armor and stuff, which would be reflected in their sprite art. We didn’t make it that far.


The saddest part is that we made it soooo far. Completely original art, decent music, and it was getting better. And the coders quit. I get sooo mad about it. =D Pipedreams and the frustration! Anyway the server is gone now, which I had chipped in on just like the rest of the ‘team.’ So these screen shots are about all that is left, aside from my sprite sheets.

Anyway, happy gaming, thanks for reading. =]

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Date:2004-03-28 20:32

So sitting here designing games in my free time doesn't seem like the best job to be doing right now? Well damn, anyone who thinks that must really love their current job. I hate when people say that, as a striving game designer/programmer doing that is something I feel productive, more than making sandwiches at the local Subway.

Well my team has been in a bit of a slump since the downfall of the Half-Life 2 platform release (yeah Valve, nice going... I was waiting for that September release that was being promised, time and time again). We finally decided (after a long process) of the engine we would pick to start the design (of any) modification we wished to work on... and that came down to the Unreal 2004 engine (UT2004 platform). The engine provides nearly everything that we need.

That leaves us at the stage we're at right now -- what to develop? It's a hard thing being caught between a tight spot, and the rest of your life. You never seem to have enough time to sit down and actually think out what you want to do, in this case, design games. The MSU (Make Something Unreal) contest has pushed my team to develop something unique, and we have several ideas.

I, myself, came up with two fo these three ideas that I will be presenting (we're basically looking to see which design would be the best in uniqueness, and gameplay). The first two will be mine, and the second will be another designer in my team.

I've always wanted a good jet fighter simualtion, something where you could have dogfights online with your friends, crash and burn, get back up and do it all again. Fitted with the latest in military hardware at your fingertips (something that will happen to only a percentage of us, maybe none of us reading this) is definately something cool. Also the ability to use UT2004 VoIP features to talk to your team mates (and even, clan/team battles) would make this game experience superb. Because most of the "levels" will only be a skybox and ground, the rendering would be all in the jet fighters (allowing very nice models), weapon effects (tracers, missles, etc).

The second game, was something I came up with after watching a TV show on the Discovery Channel. So what could it be? The Repossesors. A game like this is something that I've never seen before, and might not actually take off well. We were toying around with some ideas, most of them were never finalized into a plan. Nothing here of interest... this will end up getting cut.

The last was something we were considering very highly, a game based around Riots where the enemy AI is the actual rioters, and the player(s) are the SWAT/Riot Control police and they must complete various objective depending on the type of scenario (escorting, looting, etc).

So that's about it... these are rough designs -- feedback would be great! Thanks.

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Date:2004-01-08 23:28
Subject:game project

i'd like to make a SNES style game with sprites, music, all of tha above and do it all myself. are they any links to websites that someone can suggest with tutorials and/or programs that would be useful for a project like this? what language is best for writing a game of this sort? what audio programs would be good for creating the music without need of external hardware?

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Date:2003-12-05 13:02
Subject:About Me
Mood: sick

I'm currently the "Lead Programmer" (if you would call it that) and a designer at an amateur game development team called Flipside Software (http://www.flipsidesoftware.com/). Recently we've hit some snags in our mod development for Half-Life 2 (obviously, because the game was delayed for god knows how long). We're looking for a project to recoup with -- who knows though, I'll keep myself busy with the below.

Anyways, I've been working on a simple game engine in C++, reading some tutorials on DirectX9 and 2D games (just to learn the innards) and hopefully able to eventually later this year put out some small games. I'm basically doing it for experience with graphics programming and something to show for it.

I will be attending the University of Advancing Technology next Fall for a BA in Software Engineering majoring in Game Development. I've been programming in C/C++ for about four to five years now (started when I was thirteen/fourteen years old) and just recently moved on into DirectX/Windows programming.

Well, that's just some about me.


Date:2003-11-27 20:36
Subject:Is this even still alive?

My original hello post is only two or so down, but that was done over a year ago. Has this community been stillborn for gamedevelopers and gameprogramming?


Date:2003-07-08 03:39
Subject:3D Models And Blitz Basic

I have just recently joined the community. I've been making games for about 3 years. I used RPG Maker 2000 for the longest time. Recently I have been looking into Dark Basic. I was then directed towards Blitz Basic. I use MilkShape3D to make models. I am looking for some people experienced with these things to help in the development of a great rpg. I have story ideas and character ideas and such, I just need to get them sorted out.


Date:2002-07-22 00:11

Hello, I am Paul9, AKA Makingagame. I am a fourteen year old beginning game developer from Long Island, New York. I am currently member of the programming team S+F Software. I can currently program DirectDraw, some OpenGL, and for the Game Boy Advance. I'm currently working on a "secret project" (AKA, I don't want to show it off until I have something real to demonstrate). I plan to unviel it soon, though, and I will keep this community posted!

Goodbye for now.

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Date:2002-07-19 07:11
Subject:Yet Another Annoying New Member Post

Morning, I'm Chris 'coldacid' Charabaruk, leader (and programmer, etc.) of the RPGdev project, and plain old indie developer. I am from the former Game Developers Refuge community (heard of that forum or it's sibling, Pixelation?), I'm an infrequent GameDev.net poster, and IGDA member 20021078 (remember that if any of you need to join, it's goodies for all involved).

Right now I'm taking it easy, with a port of an old 70s strategy boardgame (on hold), a fantasy RTS (I swear, it's not just another WarCraft clone!), and the RPGdev system (intermittant). I'm not too knowledgable, unfortunately, but I can usually chime in with some helpful advice every so often.

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Date:2002-06-25 14:05

I sent PC Gamer a letter last month online, and they put it in the mag. It's the very first letter, called "Crossword Errata!" I'm so honored to have my letter as the first letter in the 100th issue. I'm feeling so good about myself right now, SCREW YOU KMFDM CONCERT GOERS! I mean that in a nice way, of course.

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Date:2002-06-12 11:13
Subject:Tankyu de Hakai beta demo
Mood: accomplished

This is just a very beta demo of my game, as I've edited it alot since then. Ther are some spelling mistakes and broken portals, but as I've said, it is only a very beta version. Also, it only hints at the storyline, never giving it away entirely (or at all ^_^)
Main demo
sprites/temp files

If you don't have an RTP file, you can't play this game right now :/ I'll try to get a download for RTP soon, but right now most of the sites are broken that have it.


Date:2002-06-07 11:06
Mood: full

I've always wanted to be a game designer, but reality hit me and now reduced myself to dreaming to be an art director or artist. (Acheiving a current dream: comic artist) I've dabbled in the game engines like MUGEN, VERGE and RPG Maker (PC), but I can't even program a damn DOS calculator. So I hope you don't mind if I hang out!

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Date:2002-05-18 14:46
Mood: chipper

I have some screenshots of my game, Tankyu de Hakai. It is a zip file, so you need to download them. I have a few alternitive sites, but I can't link them right now for some reason...
Screenshots of TDH

Would anyone like to see a demo? Let me know.

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Date:2002-05-18 10:46
Subject:Wilkommen zu meinen zimmer!
Mood: accomplished

Wellcome to my communinty! I don't have much to say right now, because there probably aren't that many people on LJ who program, but here it is!

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