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About Me

I'm currently the "Lead Programmer" (if you would call it that) and a designer at an amateur game development team called Flipside Software ( Recently we've hit some snags in our mod development for Half-Life 2 (obviously, because the game was delayed for god knows how long). We're looking for a project to recoup with -- who knows though, I'll keep myself busy with the below.

Anyways, I've been working on a simple game engine in C++, reading some tutorials on DirectX9 and 2D games (just to learn the innards) and hopefully able to eventually later this year put out some small games. I'm basically doing it for experience with graphics programming and something to show for it.

I will be attending the University of Advancing Technology next Fall for a BA in Software Engineering majoring in Game Development. I've been programming in C/C++ for about four to five years now (started when I was thirteen/fourteen years old) and just recently moved on into DirectX/Windows programming.

Well, that's just some about me.
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