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Hello, everybody! It's time for another update. Today, we will be covering new tutorials and resources for both RPG Maker VX AKA "RMVX" and RPG Maker XP AKA "RMXP".

First up are new tutorials.

Save Point tutorial
Maker: RPG Maker 2003
By: MirageMan725

Time Gear Tutorial
By: MirageMan725
Maker: RPG Maker 2003
This tutorial will show you how to keep track of how long a player has been playing a game.

Event Vision
By: Madriel222
Maker: RPG Maker 2003
A tutorial outlining how to create partial radial vision in RPG Maker games.

Making Quests
By: Omegas7
Maker: RPG Maker XP
Learn easily and quickly how to make quests for your game in Rpg Maker XP.

Easy Fishing/Mining/Woodcutting Events
By: Omegas7
Maker: RPG Maker VX
Learn easily how to make a fishing, mining, and woodcutting events! This gives your game more interaction!

Making Overworlds Exciting
By: Darth_Leper
Maker: RPG Maker VX/RPG Maker XP
A few pointers on how to prevent boring, repetitive overworld maps.

Now, onto Resources.

From_Ariel has uploaded recently uploaded a nice batch of battle animations. Click here to check out the gallery.

If you are a budding spriter and need some templates to help get started, RRR has you covered!

RPG RPG Revolution also has original character sets in both monster and human form.
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