kamikazekeety (transmogrify) wrote in game_making,

game project

i'd like to make a SNES style game with sprites, music, all of tha above and do it all myself. are they any links to websites that someone can suggest with tutorials and/or programs that would be useful for a project like this? what language is best for writing a game of this sort? what audio programs would be good for creating the music without need of external hardware?

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It's wonderful.


June 12 2004, 03:41:38 UTC 13 years ago

If you wanted to do it in Windows the best way I'd see to do it is in C or C++ Win32 using DirectX, at least, that is, if you'd actually like to write it instead of using an app like game maker or rpgmaker to do it


June 22 2004, 14:11:55 UTC 13 years ago

I think he means actually making a game using the SNES hardware but maybe I read wrong. I've heard that you can edit ROMs. Dunno where to get that though.