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So sitting here designing games in my free time doesn't seem like the best job to be doing right now? Well damn, anyone who thinks that must really love their current job. I hate when people say that, as a striving game designer/programmer doing that is something I feel productive, more than making sandwiches at the local Subway.

Well my team has been in a bit of a slump since the downfall of the Half-Life 2 platform release (yeah Valve, nice going... I was waiting for that September release that was being promised, time and time again). We finally decided (after a long process) of the engine we would pick to start the design (of any) modification we wished to work on... and that came down to the Unreal 2004 engine (UT2004 platform). The engine provides nearly everything that we need.

That leaves us at the stage we're at right now -- what to develop? It's a hard thing being caught between a tight spot, and the rest of your life. You never seem to have enough time to sit down and actually think out what you want to do, in this case, design games. The MSU (Make Something Unreal) contest has pushed my team to develop something unique, and we have several ideas.

I, myself, came up with two fo these three ideas that I will be presenting (we're basically looking to see which design would be the best in uniqueness, and gameplay). The first two will be mine, and the second will be another designer in my team.

I've always wanted a good jet fighter simualtion, something where you could have dogfights online with your friends, crash and burn, get back up and do it all again. Fitted with the latest in military hardware at your fingertips (something that will happen to only a percentage of us, maybe none of us reading this) is definately something cool. Also the ability to use UT2004 VoIP features to talk to your team mates (and even, clan/team battles) would make this game experience superb. Because most of the "levels" will only be a skybox and ground, the rendering would be all in the jet fighters (allowing very nice models), weapon effects (tracers, missles, etc).

The second game, was something I came up with after watching a TV show on the Discovery Channel. So what could it be? The Repossesors. A game like this is something that I've never seen before, and might not actually take off well. We were toying around with some ideas, most of them were never finalized into a plan. Nothing here of interest... this will end up getting cut.

The last was something we were considering very highly, a game based around Riots where the enemy AI is the actual rioters, and the player(s) are the SWAT/Riot Control police and they must complete various objective depending on the type of scenario (escorting, looting, etc).

So that's about it... these are rough designs -- feedback would be great! Thanks.
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