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Hello Everyone

Hey everyone, I'm new. I'm and artist and designer. I’ve been working in the game field for a few years now. Not too many professional things aside from a potential underworld game that never was. I'd say about 90% of the games I've worked on had fallen apart. Like so many games do. I normally work as a concept artist and sometimes get to work on mechanics and stuff. About a month ago the team I was working with fell apart. As did so many before, the coders flaked out. I've come to the conclusion programming must be one of the most difficult things in the world to do. Because so many games die from coder's loosing interest or giving up. I used to code a bit before I took up the pencil, that was like, 8 years ago. A very long time ago. I’ve forgotten it all, and glad I did.

The game we were working on was meant to be a simple 2d game, multiplayer, and we had a fairly good base. It worked for the most part, I’ve no idea why the team fell apart. I thought this time we might make it. I grabbed a few screenshots before the game went down. The art and stuff had a long way to go, but it was coming together all right I thought. The biggest problem I seem to have, is finding a common goal in amateur game creation. I mean that most coders want to make a game, and they want everyone else to just help them. They have no care for the other’s ideas or plans. Sadly, a coder can make a game without an artist or musician, but the opposite does not apply.

Does anyone have any opinions on this. Does this seem to be the case for the rest of you, or am I just finding all the bad teams?

On the game note, it was meant to be similar to the older games, old rpgies. Only multiplayer. The characters were going to be basically naked, until they found armor and stuff, which would be reflected in their sprite art. We didn’t make it that far.


The saddest part is that we made it soooo far. Completely original art, decent music, and it was getting better. And the coders quit. I get sooo mad about it. =D Pipedreams and the frustration! Anyway the server is gone now, which I had chipped in on just like the rest of the ‘team.’ So these screen shots are about all that is left, aside from my sprite sheets.

Anyway, happy gaming, thanks for reading. =]
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