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"MyCar" - A 'real' car physic simulation!

Hello readers!! 
I'm new to the blog community! Today I will post my car physic application in internet FOR THE FIRST TIME!! :D
It's name is "MyCar" and its a "real" car simulator I've created in C#. Well, is not so completely real because is a 2d graphic app based on a picturebox (lool). And its only a BETA version (0.3)!
The keyboard is used as controller. The keys to use are:
  • Q - Zoom In
  • W - Zoom Out
  • F - Activate/Deactivate slip of front wheels
  • R - Activate/Deactivate slip of rear wheels
  • Space - Activate/Deactivate rear & front whells slip
  • Arrow keys - Control the car
  • Canc - Activate/Deactivate trace of graphic
  • Left CTRL - Brake
  • I - Reset car position

A typical screenshot (compressed in GIF format in MsPaint!):

I hope you like it... :D

The download! The download!

If you like it, please leave a comment!!

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